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One of the main characteristics of autism is difficulty with social interactions and communication. Today's children, teens, and young adults face many obstacles that previous generations might not have experienced, especially those on the spectrum. In a world where social media and technology are taking over, it is even more important to look at ways to teach social skills and create a better understanding of social interactions. IAmCollegeLife aims to improve the quality of life for autistic individuals, and the first step is improving their social skills.

While our events have nothing to do with academics, they do have something to do with a student's overall learning experience in school, college, and life. Social gatherings benefit autistic students in ways no book or class can replicate. They can help in developing empathy, building relationships, understanding different perspectives, engaging in other people's cultures, and providing them an opportunity to expand their social circle. It also allows them to meet people with shared interests and individuals who can help them academically or professionally.

IAmCollegeLife is a social club for autistic teenagers and young adults (ages 16-26) with social difficulties. We hope that each event we do gets us just a little bit closer to improving their quality of life.

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